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Rediscovering values, on Wall Street, Main Street, and your street : a moral compass for the new economy, Jim Wallis

Table Of Contents
Pt. 1. What are we thinking?: Sunday School with Jon Stewart -- When the market became God -- pt. 2. How we got here: Greed is good -- It's all about me -- I want it now -- pt. 3. What we got ourselves into: When the gaps get too big -- On listening to canaries -- pt. 4. The way out: Enough is enough -- We're in it together -- The 7th-generation mindset -- pt. 5. New habits of the heart: The clean-energy economy conversion -- The family matters culture -- The meaning of work and the ethic of service -- pt. 6. Recovering "the commons": Regaining our balance -- The parable of Detroit and the greet shoots of hope -- pt. 7. Changing the script: A bad morality play -- Choices make changes: 20 moral exercises -- Epilogue: Notes from the next generation / Tim King
Literary Form
non fiction
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xii, 255 p., 22 cm.

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