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Why can't horses burp?, curious questions about your favorite pet, Dr. Nick Crumpton ; illustrated by Lily Snowden-Fine - hardcover

Humorous and informative, Why Can't Horses Burp? is full of fun facts and little-known tidbits about your favorite equine companions. Find answers to everything you've ever wondered about horses in this latest addition to the Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pets series. Can all horses be racehorses? Why do horses wear shoes? And what's the difference between a horse and a pony, anyway? A zoologist explains all of these, and more. Whether you are lucky enough to have a horse of your own or you dream of galloping away on a magnificent steed, Why Can't Horses Burp? is the lively, fact-filled book for you. From horses' desert ancestors to modern-day show ponies, it's certain to satisfy all horse lovers' curiosity. Illustrated in color throughout
Table Of Contents
History of the horse : how long have there been horses? -- Fire and ice : why are horses called warm-, hot- or cold-blooded? -- Wild stallions! : do any horses still live in the wild? -- Dynamic duos : can horses and humans be friends? -- Spot the difference : what colour is that horse's coat? -- Built for speed : can all horses be racehorses? -- What's your neigh-m? : what are horses in a herd called? -- Gentle giants : what are the biggest breeds of horses? -- Working nine to five : do horses have jobs? -- Desert roots : which is the oldest breed of horse? -- The long, the short and the tall : what's the difference between a horse and a pony? -- Fancy footwork : can a horse perform tricks? -- Looking good! : do horses need a hairdresser? -- Healthy hooves : why do horses wear shoes? -- Eating like a horse : how often should you feed your horse? -- Why can't horses burp? : how is a horse unique? -- Giddy up! : what is a horse gait? -- Let the ears do the talking : can a horse speak with its ears? -- Competition time : can a horse win a medal at the Olympic Games?
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
47 pages, illustrations (colour), 30 cm

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